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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this style suitable for me or my family?
Is there any age restriction?
Not really. We take all students from the age of 5 (up to any age! Grand Master Choi is over 70 himself!). Our Browns Bay full time Dojhang also has some Pre-school classes for even younger students (
We have slightly different class formats for the younger students compared to the adults only, so everyone is catered for.

Can I train with my kids?
Yes. We have a kids and up classes for families if you can attend at that time.

Is there any gender restrictions?
Not at all. Men and women, girls and boys are all welcome.

What can I expect initially?
What will happen when I first come along?
You can expect to be greeted warmly and have all your questions answered. We will explain how things work, and then you can decide to have a free trial class. Or, if you want to observe a class first, then take a free trial class another day that's fine also. No pressure. We want you to be comfortable and happy with your decisions.

What days and times are the classes?
See our full timetable here
We run Monday to Thursday for most classes. Adults only classes are on Tuesday and Thursday (although this will expand as membership grows so the classes don't get too big).

How long does each class last for?
The Tigers classes (5-8 year olds) are 30 minutes long. The Kids and Kids+ classes are 45 minutes. And the Adults only classes are an hour (yeah the Adults can handle it!)

How many students in each class?
It varies on the age group - but for most no more than 12 (Adults due to classroom size no more than 8).

Do I need a special uniform?
When doing a couple of free trial classes, just wear comfortable loose fitting clothing. No shoes.
Once you have decided to join you will be required to buy the Choi Kwang Do uniform (Dobok).

What do I need to bring to the free trial classes?
Comfortable clothes, a water bottle (essential), and a great attitude. Our motto is Pil Seung which means always do your best, and never give up!

Will other students laugh at me?
Absolutely not. We provide an encouraging supportive environment. We all had to start at the beginning.

Is this going to hurt?
How much physical contact is there?
We do not do full contact sparring. Initially you will not have any contact with other students until you are at a sufficient level, and even then it is with safety equipment on, and controlled. We do hit kick shields and mitts, but this is essential to get a feel for contact, and muscle conditioning. Trust me - it wont hurt.

Do I have to do anything I'm not comfortable with?
Not at all. If you don't want to do something initially that's fine. But remember, you'll only get out of it what you put into it.

Are there tournaments?
No. We don't train or competition fighting (and from my experience that is were alot of the injuries occur). We train for practical self defence, fitness, confidence.

Why should I join?
Will it help me lose weight?

Any exercise helps. But there is a lot more to it as I'm sure you are aware. Healthy eating habits, regular exercise, strength/resistance training are all part of a weight loss journey. We can help you if you want some advice.

Will my fitness and flexibility improve?
Absolutely. Martial Arts are a great way to get fitter, healthier, more flexible and stronger. It has so many parts to it your whole body and mind will benefit.

Will I get more confident?
You sure will. As you gain new practical skills, get fitter and stronger your confidence will naturally grow.

Will this help with my child's shyness?/Will this help settle down my overactive child?
I have seen this help children from both extremes. Confidence grows naturally as you progress. And from the other end, a martial art will help provide some discipline and self control to a hyperactive child.

What else?
Does it really work for self defence?
Yes. When used correctly it can be very effective.

How long does it take to get to Black Belt?
Every student is different. But in general, from starting the full CKD program with twice a week training you can achieve you Black Belt in a little over 3 years.


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